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About us

Our first business was connected with making integrations at Russians banks. We interviewed and hired lot's of analyst and moreover we helped our employees to build their careers making workshops for them. During the time we created our own educational program to help people to find their way to IT world.

We split our program into two parts. The first part, we also call it "Basic" helps people to start rapidly their IT path. During the program a student gets enough skills to find his or her first job. Another part of our program suits for people who have already worked as analysts but want to upgrade their professional skills

Hope you will like the program XOXO

Our experts

  • Shelobaev Vladislav
    Lead analyst at Promsvyaz Bank

    15+ years in IT. Vladislav worked as a service architect

    and also had an experience of CTO. Worked at such companies as Aeroflot, Higher school of education, Writes articles on HABR: https://habr.com/ru/users/Vlad64gven/posts/

    1. Java 8 (Spring framework), JS (React framework)
    2. СУБД - PostgreSQL, MSsql.
    3. Интеграция - ActiveMQ, Factor-ESB.
    4. Postman, SOAP UI для тестирования.
    5. OpenShift, Docker.
    6. CI/CD - Stack Atlassian (Jira, Bitbucket, Bamboo, Crucible, Confluence).
    7. Linux.
  • Тихонов Владимир
    CTO Calipso tech, ex tech lead VTB

    More than 7 years in IT as a system analyst. Worked on ML projects for retail. IT system for Moscow transportaion system and fraud monitoring system for international banks

    Technology stack

    Jira, Git, Visio, draw.io нотацияии UML, BPMN, ER и др., методологии Waterfall и Agile (Scrum, Kanban) SQL (Oracle, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server), no-SQL (MongoDB, Clickhouse, Cassaandra и др.) REST/SOAP, GraphQL, Postman, Swagger, Kafka, RabbitMQ, JMS, Kubernetes, OpenShift, Elastic Stack, TYK
  • Ким Алексей
    Lead аналитик Modeus
    Alex has been working as a system analyst since 2012 , starting as a junior analyst he became a CTO in ITFB Solutions.

    Took part in Sberabnk, Zenit Bank. MTS bank. Sibur, Binbank etc projects.

    Also worked at international project TEDU Inc a higher education in USA.

    Technology stack
    Oracle Siebel CRM, Sugar CRM/Suite CRM, BPM Camunda
    БД: Postgres, MS Sql, Mysql
    BI: Power BI, Microsoft reporting, Tableau, Qlik
  • Владимир Баскаков
    Senior Development at DoorDash
    Vladimir is graduated from MSU, worked at Mail Group for a long time. Moved to USA to work on ML startup Cherrylab

    Now he workes with DataBricks, Kotlin, ElasticSearch, SnowFlake, PostgreSQL. Make searching process better

    Special Skills:
    Hand-on experience in design microservice and service oriented architectures
    Hand-on experience with scalable cluster systems
    Strong algorithmic skills
    Understanding of computer science fundamentals: Processes, Threads, Memory management, Synchronization primitives, Coroutines
    Hand-on experience with Cloud Computing services Like AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure
    Experience with Python, Java, C++. Deep understanding and experience with Object Oriented and Functional programming
    Experience with search engine development
    Unit testing

  • Артемий Климов
    Senior developer at Innotech https://ru.linkedin.com/in/artemyklimov

    Artemii has been working in ITfor 5 years. During this 5 years he became a senior developer at Innotech, work for a dijital transformation of VTB bank. Nowadays he wants to become an architector of a project

    Special Skills:: PHPJavaScriptLinuxPostgreSQLMySQLLaravelYii frameworkC++DevOpsAPI Интерфейсы

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